About Me

My first inspiration and knowledge that holding a camera would forever quench my creative thirst was at the age of 11. The textures, warm tones and grit of that cigar shop off Calle Ocho in Miami literally changed me. The late afternoon ocherous sun hitting the table, face, hands and molding cigar of a very seasoned old man stopped me cold. I was so frustrated that day that I had no ability to capture that image. I have always seen the world diffrently, but it was then and there that a pivot occurred in my intention. What seems like a lifetime and three kids later, I am now thrilled to be formulating those frustrations into a creative reality through ShotTheBreeze.

I find inspiration everywhere, especially from the structure of a person's face. It is the distinctive beauty and charisma of each individual that continually inspires me to create images that are fun, energetic, dark, pensive, carefree or witty. 

Thank you for following me on my creative journey to tell my story through the lens, focusing on many other stories. May you be enamored by what you see and receive a deep sense of wonder when you view each image.

About Shot The Breeze

What do you and many of the most honored figures in history have in common? I am sure you share several similarities, but none as poignant as the importance of documenting your image. Documenting an heirloom, if you will.

The focus of ShotTheBreeze is to celebrate your unique intrinsic essence through creative portraiture and storytelling. The goal is to elegantly and artistically preserve your innate beauty for yourself to cherish, for your loved ones to honor, and for future generations to reflect upon. I challenge you to STRETCH YOUR MIND to see yourself in another light. It is in this spirit that I would be honored to co-create images with you that transport yourself into an expressive semblance that you have always wanted to be. Thus, like most rubber bands, once stretched they never go back to its original size. I believe that is how our minds challenge us to be; constantly growing, stretching, learning, and enhancing ourselves.

I look forward to spending time getting to know you, co-creating amazing images with you, telling your story and capturing a moment in time that contributes to and fascinates your pictorial timeline.

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